Best Dog Breeds For Kids

Labrador Retriever Labs are excellent dogs for families with children over the age of seven.They are a playful breed who never seem to get bored and always have their tails wagging.In general, labs are also very intelligent and can be trained without much difficulty.However, keep in mind that labs can grow to be quite large—up to 90 pounds—so you’ll need a large yard for them to play in.
Beagle The bark of the beagle can be heard by everyone in the neighborhood, making it a devoted and unwavering companion.Most of the time, Beagles are very friendly dogs who love to play.A beagle is less likely than a smaller dog like a Chihuahua to accidentally hurt a child because it is more sturdy for a smaller dog.
Despite not being the most well-known breed, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are beginning to gain popularity due to their mellow eyes and cuddly personalities.A Cavalier is an excellent choice for families with children because it is a low-energy dog with a lot of patience.Cavaliers are also quite small, weighing between 10 and 18 pounds, and they thrive in either the countryside or the city.
Although this gentle giant may appear to be capable of consuming your infant, Great Danes are actually extremely child-friendly.These enormous dogs have very little energy and prefer to relax rather than leap off of walls.Additionally, they are large enough that a child’s grasping hands pose no real threat to their safety.

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