Five Dog Breeds For the Inexperienced Dog Owner

There are some dog breeds that are easier to control than others, regardless of whether you have never owned a dog before or are unsure of your ability to handle one.If you’ve never owned a dog before, starting with a dog of a breed that isn’t as obstinate or dominant as other breeds will help you build a strong bond with your pet from the start.The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, also known as an English Toy Spaniel, is one of the cutest dogs you can own.They are very friendly dogs who follow commands.They are wonderful companions who are devoted and loving and will get along well with older, considerate children.They are simply a delight!Please be certain to take into account the fact that they require brushing at least three times per week and may require more during periods of shedding.
The Bernese Mountain Dog might be the dog for you if you want a dog that is bigger.They enjoy spending time with their family and playing in the snow.They are easy to train and have even tempers.My Chihuahua is actually friends with a child because they are so fond of children.Re-homing an older Berner can be challenging because they may form close bonds with a single individual and males can be more dominant than females.
The Bearded Collie is a good choice if you want a dog that will enjoy the outdoors as much as you do and are an active person.They enjoy playing, running, and hiking outside.Although they occasionally attempt to herd animals, they are good with children and other animals.Despite their sometimes independence and stubbornness, they still have a very sweet nature.These dogs will adore an extremely active lifestyle and make excellent family companions; however, you must be willing to groom them;especially following a day spent in the woods!
The Poodle is unrivaled as a good all-around dog.Because they are so fun and affectionate, this breed is one of my favorites.They are easy to train and good with kids.After accepting payment outside, they come inside and cuddle up to you on the couch.They enjoy hiking the trails with you and are skilled swimmers.The need to groom a Poodle is the only drawback.They do need to be clipped professionally every six to eight weeks.
The Whippet is a very loving dog with a strong desire to please.They enjoy running around outside a lot, but when they are inside, they will snuggle up with you on the couch.They adore playtime and receiving attention.They are extremely sensitive and must be socialized appropriately to avoid timidity.They should be watched carefully around small animals and should not be kept with children who are small or boisterous.

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