Good Breeds of Dogs For Houses With Children

Our mixed breed longhaired Papillon Chihuahua named Alex weighs approximately five pounds and is “dripping wet” at one year old. He is agile and quick enough to stay out of the way when needed, but he is also cute and cuddly on his own.However, if the adult in charge of the pair is not providing sufficient supervision to safeguard them from harm, crawling babies may accidentally scratch the dog while he is engaged in his playful antics, and the dog may accidentally be wacked by the baby with a toy.
The traits of our Papihuahua Since the Papillon is the dominant member of our mixed breed, we refer to Alex as a “Papihuahua” rather than a “Chion,” which is a dog with dominant Chihuahua traits.We believe that the Papihuahua is the better breed because it combines Alex’s best traits from both breeds.I’ll try to make my point of view clearer with a few examples.
Our Papihuahua’s Appearance Alex is just like the Papillon, which means “butterfly” in French, despite the phalene’s drooping ears and long, high-set, well- feathered tail that is usually carried arch-like over his back.Since purebred adult Papillons typically weigh twice as much as Alex, the Chihuahua is responsible for his diminutive size and weight of just five pounds.
Potty Training Because we were having trouble getting Alex to tell us when he needed to urinate and go potty, we almost begged the Almighty to tell Alex to show us when he needed to go outside.Alex now climbs on his owner, presses his face against his, looks him in the eye, and gently paws at his face until he relents and takes him outside. The prayers have been answered.What did we learn?You might get what you pray for, so be careful.
Our Papihuahua At Play Alex loves to “speak” to his big brother Oliver, an eight-year-old Welsh Terrier, with a high-pitched voice in an effort to get Oliver to play with him, which he frequently succeeds in getting Oliver to do. He then enjoys wiggling and rolling around on the floor until he strikes the right pose.Even though Oliver is a lot bigger and stronger than Alex, Oliver doesn’t stop Alex from being persistently assertive, even if it means becoming a real nuisance.

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