Great Dog Breeds For Urbanites

The Chihuahua is a spunky little dog that packs a punch in a small package.The Chihuahua is a breed of dog of Mexican descent that is ideal for small spaces due to its diminutive stature (usually between 3 and 10 pounds).However, the Chihuahua has a lot of energy and enjoys playing.Thankfully, though, it’s so small that a quick walk around the block and a game of fetch will do.The Chihuahua is extremely loyal and typically devoted to just one person.
Boston Terrier The Boston Terrier is a small, intelligent dog that enjoys both playing fetch and snuggling.They make excellent apartment dogs but should be kept indoors because they are prone to getting cold and overheating.Additionally, Boston Terriers get along well with older children and make excellent playmates.
The Pug If you’re looking for a funny person to live with, a pug is a good choice.These dogs, whose faces are scrunched up, love to please, whether they are playing fetch or watching television with you.Because they weigh 14 to 18 pounds more than the other two breeds, pugs are better dogs for families with young children.Pugs thrive indoors because they are easily overheated.
The Japanese Chin is a wonderful dog for people who enjoy having a constant companion.The Chin is family-oriented and gets along well with other pets.He is the ideal apartment dog because he only requires moderate exercise and thrives indoors.Chins live to please and are relatively simple to train; however, they must be properly socialized as puppies to become sociable with strangers.
Of course, everyone has a preferred breed, but these dogs are excellent for urban living.Finding a dog who is content to live in a smaller space and get less exercise is essential because a dissatisfied dog can be destructive.Good luck in your search for the ideal urban dog!

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