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Top 5 WordPress Plugins For Social Media Connections

The top WordPress social media plugins are out there. There are thousands of WordPress social media plugins available that’s why it’s difficult for new users to pick just one. If you’re looking for some of the top-of-the-line WordPress social media plugins, check out this interesting blog!

Internet users are now sharing knowledge in a new way, thanks to social media. To stay up to date on a business or publication’s new material, many individuals now follow them on Twitter or Facebook. In the early days of blogging, Rich Site Summary (RSS) was a typical way for readers to keep up with their favorite blogs.

For website owners, you may take advantage of these improvements by integrating social networking links on your website, which will make it easier for users to share your material. The majority of websites rely on social media as their second-highest source of traffic!

What Are Social Media Plugins?

Allowing readers to share your information on their own social media accounts is the primary goal. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social platforms and icons can be displayed with a social media plugin. This can bring in new visitors, boosting the number of people that frequently visit your site.

Automated article posting to your business’s social media profiles is also possible with most plugins. It’s as simple as setting a time and date for posting and letting a plugin do the rest for you. Because regular social media posts can help enhance audience engagement and business visibility, this is a great feature.

Why Use Plugins for Social Media?

According to experts, one of the most effective instruments in modern marketing is social networking. Most websites rely heavily on search engines as a primary source of traffic.

As of 2021, global studies predict that there will be 4 billion people using social media worldwide! When it comes to reaching out to a larger audience, social media can’t be ignored because of that huge number.

For this reason, social media integration is crucial in the 21st century when it comes to promoting and branding your website. Because WordPress has so many plugins to pick from, it makes the work much simpler.

Have a look at the five best WordPress plugins for social media sharing.


Novashare is a brand-new social sharing plugin that just went live and became a favorite one. Very light in weight and adds a plethora of functions to the user interface.

No additional libraries or DNS lookups are required for Novashare’s SVG icons, unlike other social share plugins that employ third-party symbols. Because the API calls are kept to a minimum, the refresh rate options use a staggered method. This expedites the process even further and keeps your website favorite.

Key Features:

  • Powered by the “ClickToTweet” option
  • Ultimate User-tagging function
  • Pinned photos for Pinterest

Social Icons

Widgets for social media icons are included in Social Icon, and it’s a most awaited plugin in the WordPress community. As a leading option, Social Icons allows you to incorporate a wide range of icons directly into the design of your website via widgets. The development is easy and may be done in a few minutes.

Likewise, this plugin provides you with a selection of over 90+ social icons to select from. In addition, you can alter their dimensions and add or remove padding as desired. You can also add detailed descriptions separately for each icon.

Key Features:

  • Images can be sorted using drag and drop
  • Use grayscale icons
  • WordPress shortcodes for icon images
  • A single icon represents various site locations


If you’re a social person and love to share your ideas and build communities, then Youzer is for you. It’s also a WordPress membership plugin that enables community websites to be built quickly. It has all the social aspects necessary to develop a powerful online community. Social features include a social wall, information privacy, private profiles, unlimited tabs and links, groups and friendships, messages and notifications, and verified badges. You can also find a social login and activity stream and a lot more to consider.

Key Features:

  • Members can be edited or removed at any time.
  • Members can be activated and deactivated.
  • Members should have their roles in WordPress.
  • Member type directory can be enabled or disabled.

myCred Social Share

MyCred’s Social Share Addon lets you reward your social network followers with points whenever they share your content. The presenting technique on the website makes it super easy to set up and maintain points awarding criteria. You can earn points for sharing articles and pages with your friends and followers. Sharing can be enabled or disabled from the backend, and it’s super easy to install and use.

Key Features:

  • Social media sharing reward
  • Set rewards based on the post types
  • Action types rewards

Social Snap

WordPress social media plugin Social Snap has a wide range of handy functions. While not as extensive as Sassy, it has enough possibilities to please the most demanding customizing supporter.

You can choose from a wide range of different button shapes and different sizes. They can also be changed in color and animated. Some of the buttons include new settings that allow shared hubs or floating tabs in the middle of the screen. You can control how your post looks when it’s shared.

Key Features:

  • Share Counters for 30+ Share Buttons.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram are just a few of the social networks that can be used to share your content.
  • Recovery of the Share Count.
  • Customizable options with added functions.


Website operations and development are intimately linked to social media marketing. Use the above-mentioned social networking support plugins if your website is based on the WordPress community platform. Using social media to bandy about your website can assist you in building trust with your clients and promoting your website globally.

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